Is Wienco a Licensed Cocoa Buying Company (LBC)?
Wienco (Gh.) Limited is an Agricultural company that specializes in the importation and distribution of high quality agro-inputs that enables increase in productivity and yields of farmers and, therefore, incomes and their standard of living.
Can one use Confidor on other crops apart from Cocoa?
Yes! Confidor is a broad spectrum insecticide effective against piercing, sucking, biting and chewing insects such as Aphids, Hoppers and Thrips. It can be used on vegetables, papaya among others.
What is the difference between PAN 53 hybrid maize seed and ProSeed maize?
Pan 53 is a hybrid a maize variety with high yielding potential whereas ProSeed is an Open Pollinated Variety treated with Apron Star to ensure maximum plant germination for higher yield.
What is the difference between Touchdown and Lumax?
Touchdown is a post-emergence and non- selective weedicide that kills anything green on the field enabling minimum tillage. Lumax is a pre-emergence weedicide selective for maize and other cereals which prevent the growth of weeds during the growing period of the maize therefore eliminating first and second weeding.
How do I get fertilizer to purchase?
i. Contact Yara Ghana Limited or any of its accredited agents
ii. Wienco as a partner with Yara markets specialized formulated fertilizer such as Asaase Wura Cocoa fertilizer, Pineapple and Cotton Fertilizer. Yara’s contact in Accra - 0302770079
What is the potential yield of PAN 53?
According to trials the potential yield ranges between 6 and 10tons per hectare when all necessary conditions are provided during the growth period of the
What is the maturity period of PAN 53 hybrid maize seed?
The maturity period ranges between 105 and 110 days
Where and how do I get Wienco products?
For wholesaling contact Sales and Commercial Department at the Wienco offices in Accra For retailing click on products for the contacts of Wienco Distributors.
Can Wienco grant credit for farming?
Yes we do but to only well organized Farmers’ groups (FBOs) by providing them with inputs on credit. There are specific criteria to qualify for such credits
When would promotion of specific Wienco products end?
Promotion of specific quantities of products continues while stocks last. Tune in to the Wienco Weather Report on Ghana Television everyday for the latest promotion Always check in the media and also from the commercial department