The Masara N’Arziki Farmers Association (MAFA)

Masara N’arziki (Hausa phrase for “maize for prosperity”) is headquartered in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana and covers the entire Northern part of Ghana. (i.e. Northern Region, Upper East and Upper West Regions, and parts of Brong Ahafo Region) Masara N’arziki Farmers Association (MAFA), is the culmination of the Industrial Maize Program initiated in 2005 by Wienco (Ghana) Limited. Despite increased maize production over the years, Ghana has a maize supply deficit, and makes up for the shortage through imports. The establishment of Masara N’arziki Farmers Association is, therefore, an indication of Ghana’s potential in maize production.

The program is to support small and medium holder farmers to adopt good Agricultural practices such as good land use and management practices, group cohesion and dynamics to increase productivity and, therefore, their yields and income, thereby, understanding farming as a business to increase profit. It is also to create the opportunity for these to obtain better prices as a result of better access to markets/buyers

To support maize farmers do what they are doing much better, and receive income through the use of improved technology that increase productivity of their farms.
The program package consists of fertilizers, hybrid seeds, herbicides, insecticides, spaying equipment, innovative farm implements on credit, as well as technical advisory and training services to farmers.

1. To ensure easy access to affordable credit in the form of high quality inputs.
2. Appropriate training of maize farmers for higher productivity.
3. Ensure higher yields thereby increasing incomes of farmers and the nation as a whole
4. Group marketing to obtain better prices
5. Guaranteed markets for members
6. Improve the standard of living of the member farmers
7. Provide a model for sustainable farmer credit schemes